Month: March 2016

Fun and Random Facts About Football

footballukConsidered to be the most played and watched sport in the face of the planet, football sure is popular. Anyone who attempts to disagree is absolutely silly. But despite of its fame and widespread practice, there are quite a number of things that people fail to know about the sport. Care to find out what these are? If you do then take a look at the following list!

  • The sport is so popular around the world that people would flock to the World Cup from all over the globe. In fact statistics show that those who stay at home and watch on television instead reach up to over a billion.
  • The field, including the two end zones, is 360 feet long and 160 feet wide which totals for a maximum area of 57,600 square feet. This humungous dimensions makes each player run an average of 9.65 km every single game.
  • Primitive versions of the game made use of an inflated pig’s bladder as their ball. It’s durable, round and easy to acquire making it the perfect material at the time. Leather was eventually introduced as its skin up until rubber was discovered.
  • For fear of losing war to Scotland in the 1300s, King Edward II banned the game to prevent people from getting sidetracked so they can practice archery instead.
  • The most number of players to participate in any tournament is 35,000. This was during 1999 in the 2nd Bangkok League Seven-a-Side Competition wherein 5,098 teams participated.
  • It is not UK’s national sport. Contrary to popular belief, the United Kingdom’s national sport is cricket; however, football sure is its most popular one. The British are in fact deemed as one of the biggest aficionados of the sport.
  • The fastest goal to ever be scored was done in a matter of 2.8 seconds. This was from Ricardo Olivera of Uruguay in a game on the December of 1998.
  • The game is called football in every part of the world except two places namely the United States of America and Canada. Their term for it is soccer. This was because they invented a variant of the game together with rugby which they used the term football for.
  • It was said that Neil Armstrong originally wanted to take a football to the moon. NASA however did not agree saying that it didn’t exactly represent America.