Month: February 2017

The Benefits of Playing Football and Other Sports

footballgameFootball and pretty much every other sport in the face of the planet have more benefits to them than mere entertainment and sportsmanship and below are only a few of the many.

Heart Health – Football greatly improves cardiovascular performance because it involves a lot of exercise that’s beneficial for the nervous system. On average, a football player can run from between 7 to 9 miles per game. There’s a lot of running, jumping and jogging involved that helps burn calories, keep the heart rate up and reduce blood pressure.

Muscle Buildup – Sports help improve the development of strong and lean muscles in the body. Because these activities involve the constant switching from aerobic and anaerobic movements, the body burns more fat all while building more muscles. It’s no wonder why athletes got great physiques. Apart from developing these muscles, it further strengthens and hones them so they are more functional than merely aesthetic.

Better Coordination – This applies to one’s body and one’s ability to work with others. Being athletic allows individuals to have a better understanding of their body, how it works and what its quirks are. Although humans are generally made up of the same genetic makeup, we are still unique in some way. Football and most sports also develop one’s sense of teamwork and leadership. Like they say, there’s no “I” in team.

Critical Thinking – Engaging in these activities not only helps the body physically but it also fosters other crucial areas like mental health. Critical thinking for example and decision making is improved. One learns to effectively analyze situations even on a time crunch. This helps not only during games but can also be applied to life in general.

Reduces Anxiety – Movement is one way to release negative energy and emotion. Through sports, individuals get to channel and express their feelings through a productive channel. Plus, science has proven that the body releases feel good or the so-called happy endorphins when one sweats and moves about. Add in the sense of confidence and self-esteem that is built up in training.

Fosters Discipline – Last but not the least, football encourages and builds up an individual’s discipline. Training to learn the sport and to be great at the game requires utmost dedication, time and hard work. Discipline in various areas is a must like eating the right types of food, developing healthy routines, sleeping right and time management are part of the equation.