Month: July 2017

Notable Items from Businessman-Investor Tony Bloom’s Skills Set

tony-bloom_When we hear the name Tony Bloom, we can’t help but get a collected unison of oohs and aahs. A prominent person in the business and sports industry, he has quite the achievements under his belt.

For starters, he is a successful investor and businessman. As early as the 90s, he managed to jump from being an options trader at Earnest and Young to managing his own entrepreneurial endeavors and investment portfolio. He is the current chairman of Brighton & Hove Albion F. C. since May of 2009 and a co-founder of two charities, the Bloom Foundation and the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation.

Tony Bloom is indeed a man of many skills and talents. How he juggles all of his roles is still a mystery to us. But if we were to nitpick vital items from his skills set, here are our top three picks.

  1. He is a risk taker.

Leaving his stable job to pursue a lifelong itch is a massive risk especially during the ‘90s and for someone just a few years fresh from university. But Tony Bloom’s risk taking skills had more to it than meets the eye. He had a talent for it. He had a knack for identifying which ventures to take and which to avoid. He takes risks, a lot of them, but he does so with the right amount of caution and so much homework.

  1. He is a doer.

In fact, he over delivers. Simply put, the man walks the talk. Tony Bloom is known to be a man of a few words. Unlike his predecessors, he gave fairly short speeches as the Albion chairman. However, his contributions were the exact opposite. He first led and helped finance the construction of the American Express Community Stadium, a move that ended the twelve years of the club without a home, as well as the American Elite Football Performance Centre with its unique Y-shaped that provides two accommodation wings for the club’s academy and professional players, and the third providing a shared wing for a gymnasium, media centre and medical facilities.

  1. He is a good observer.

A lot of people like to be heard but Tony Bloom is a man who is also skilled not only in listening but also in observing. He’s got quite the intuition not only with business and football but also with people. As a matter of fact, his advocacies on poverty and Multiple Sclerosis has led him to establish two charities as mentioned earlier.