About Us

uk football game

According to the dictionary, the word “love” is a verb that denotes a strong liking for something or someone. If that’s the case then we here at Ceroc, definitely loves football.

We are committed to building an online community that shares a love for the game. Our aim is to spread awareness, knowledge, information as well as a few interesting ice breakers in between to help everyone heighten their appreciation for the game and even encourage those that don’t to do so too.

Our team at Ceroc is composed of fun, bubbly and enthusiastic individuals who all love a good professional match but also enjoys the casualty of the activity in its simplest form. Football is fun. It’s good for us. It’s good for you. It’s great for everyone.

Admit it, you love the game too. If not, why else will you be here with us? So come on, hop on the bus and let’s enjoy the journey together!

PS: Don’t forget to wear your jersey!