Getting to Know Brightonians’ Most Outstanding: Tony Bloom

Getting to Know Brightonians’ Most Outstanding: Tony Bloom

brightonThe town of Brighton in East Sussex England is famous for its seaside resort ambiance, its beaches and the ever beloved pier, a lovely expanse to stroll around and breathe fresh air. This city is likewise known to vote and award its most outstanding citizens who have brought change and pride to their beloved town. Anthony Grant “Tony” Bloom is one such man and today we’ll discover why.

A graduate of a mathematics degree from the Manchester University, Tony spent the first few formative years of his career at accounting firm Earnest & Young. After which, he left to pursue his lifelong interest in business and investments, a risky move but a rewarding one nonetheless. It is from here that he managed to build his wealth and equity at such a young age.

By the year 2000, he became a major shareholder for the Brighton and Hove Albion Football Club. It was a move that no longer surprised anyone especially since Tony grew up in a family who loved the sport and ardently supported the club. As a matter of fact, his grandfather Harry who was a known hotelier and motor trader was vice chairman to Mike Bamber for seven years during the ’70s while his uncle Ray was a director the following decade.

As of May 2009, he bought majority share of the club and became its newest and current chairman. His first project was one that left a huge smile among Brightonians. He spearheaded and helped finance the £93 million American Express Community Football Stadium that seats a maximum capacity of 30,750 people. This move officially ended the twelve years of the Albions without a home base after previous chairman and board let go of the Goldstone Ground in a very controversial sale in 1997. For good measure, Tony Bloom likewise helped develop and erect the American express Elite Football Training Center which opened in 2014.

And as if those were not enough, he also founded two charities namely the Bloom Foundation, formerly the Tony Bloom Charitable Trust, in 2011 and the Overcoming Multiple Sclerosis Foundation together with his wife Linda. The former aims to provide relief and end poverty in the United Kingdom, some areas in Europe and the developing countries in Asia and Africa. The latter was set to help patients suffering from the rare degenerative disease that affects the central nervous system and often leads to vision loss and body paralysis.