Tony Bloom and His Kick-ass Achievements

Tony Bloom and His Kick-ass Achievements

tony-bloom-amexMany people are go getters but not a lot are goal-diggers. They’re the type to set their eyes on a prize and commit themselves to achieving it. They’ll stop at nothing to get to their destination. Tony Bloom is one such man.

Anthony Grant “Tony” Bloom was born in the English seaside resort town of Brighton and Hove, more simply known as Brighton, in England in the seventies. He attended Lancing College and proceeded to take a degree in mathematics at the University of Manchester. Upon finishing his degree, he became an options trader in 1993 at the accountancy firm, Earnest and Young.

If you look at it, Tony seems to already have things going for him. He attended elite institutions and worked for one of the country’s prestigious companies. But we’re only getting started.

After working as an options trader, Tony realized that he wanted to try his luck with business and investments. He made several endeavors which all bore fruit. Eventually, he left Earnest and Young to start his own career as a businessman.

The projects he took were very successful so much so that he got the financial freedom and equity to support one of his first loves: football.

In the year 2000, Tony Bloom became one of the Brighton and Hove Albion F.C.’s major investors and stockholders. By 2009, he bought majority share and succeeded Harry Dick Knight as the club’s chairman. He then proceeded to end one of the club’s biggest dilemmas, one that has lasted for over 12 years. He gave them a home.

The Brighton and Hove Albion F.C. has its own share of misfortunes in the past. Not only did it manage to avoid relegation by a smidge but it also lost its previous home, the Goldstone Ground, after then directors sold it without profits to pay off debts. Since then the Albions were left without a home.

Tony, as one of his first projects as chairman, helped financially support the construction of the American Express Community Stadium, a £93 million project that sits 30,750 people and is now the team’s newest home. To top things, he also had a fully equipped training facility built called the American Express Elite Football Performance Centre. Both projects were opened to the public in 2011 and 2014 respectively.

And then there’s Tony Bloom’s philanthropic works as seen in two of the foundations he built and supports the “Bloom Foundation” which fight poverty and the “OMS Foundation” which helps patients with Multiple Sclerosis.